Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring is Coming! Removing the Winter Cover.

So instead of checking in with Seas The Day every month or so, it has been 4 months since we last checked it in December.  We had a very "wintry" winter with lots of snow and ice and there was no way I was going to try and climb the ladder (right next to the bulkhead where the TravelLift removes the boats from the water) in the ice and snow.  We did drive through the yard from time to time and all seemed well.  Still... the first time back, I was worried if I did everything OK or if I'd find a mess of mildew from moisture getting in and not venting well.

So I had John bring a ladder over this morning and on today's nice 70s day with light winds (around 7 to 10 knots) we stopped by Hans Pedersen and Son's boatyard to see how she fared.  There were a few others there and after saying hello to Brandon and Melissa from Keyport Yacht Club, we opened her up and peeked inside.  Surprisingly (maybe not) all was well... not too damp... everything looked in order.  There was even some Kanberra Gel left in the containers!

Now originally I had planned to ask Pedersens to remove the winter cover and set up the canvas, but since it was a nice day, we decided to give it a try and remove the covers and set up the dodger (canvas in front of the cockpit) ourselves.

The rest of the photos are more for us to document what we did (and so we can set it up again next year).  We started by undoing all the ropes that held the cover tight (untying them from the port side and leaving the ropes on the starboard side of the covers), then we had to cut all the plastic ties holding things in place.  Note to self... we need to bring back the toolbag as little scissors don't really cut it.

Is my hair REALLY that grey???

Vicky was much more agile at this than I was...

We noted how the ties went around the jib, how they went around the shrouds, and the fact that the spinnaker halyard was used to support the cover in the front.

After getting everything lose, we folded it all up and put up the dodger.  Brandon came onboard and checked out everything... all the lines and sails look to be in good condition.  So after his visit, we folded things up and headed back.  Enough for one day!