Sunday, October 2, 2016

Closing it up

So with the season ending due to my knee issue (see previous post, below), I saw one window to get Seas The Day ready before a major storm comes up the coast. Calm winds (not too much rocking) and high tide (I don't have to struggle down a steep ramp to the floating dock) meant I could go along and help.  I somehow convinced Vicky to get up early and we headed to Keyport Sunday morning.

Basically the goal was to get all the liquids out of the boat - perhaps bedding too and then get Pedersen's to haul her out.  

We made it to Keyport around 10:00 AM and found the tide high and the sea calm - both requirements so I could help.  We pulled all the bird chasers off the boat and readied everything to load onto the KYC launch. 

It was a little sad to see the season over, but we were glad to get it done. 

After having Dim Sum with the Millers, we headed down the NJ Turnpike and stopped at Auburn Road Vineyards for a snack (and a case) before returning home to DE!