Monday, June 26, 2017

An Incredible Photo of Keyport Harbor at Sunset

I've been interacting from time to time with Stan, another photographer from the Keyport area.  I know him mostly from the drone videos he posts on the Keyport Facebook page, but he was also working on the parade of yachts I photographed a few years back.

He's also a pilot and today he posted this incredible photo of last evening's sunset over Keyport harbor.  Seas The Day in in there somewhere... I think it's the line of yachts just below the channel and probably just at the right edge of the sunlight reflection. I can't see the maroon covers from Sugah, so I'm not certain.

Anyway, I contacted Stan and he was nice enough to give me permission to include this shot on the blog, so please check out his page!

The photo is obviously looking west from probably above Union Beach somewhere.  The shore just below the sun is South Amboy, just to the right of that in the far distance is the NJ Transit bridge and the Driscol/Route 9 bridges behind that and you can even just make out the Great Beds Light in the upper right.

It's an incredible photo, Stan.  Thanks!

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