Sunday, June 4, 2017

Combining Work and Fun

We headed up to Keyport Saturday for a combination work/fun trip.  There were a few punch list items that needed to get done to get the season underway.

The most concerting was a weird gurgling sound we experienced in the head while flushing right before we left last weekend.  I still vividly recall the Sh!t fountain we experienced when the head over pressurized back in our first season, so I was a little timid about getting it pumped out.  We decided to sail out 3 miles and test the macerator for this year.

So we had a nice sail out and then motored back to charge the batteries.  The head continued to work fine the rest of the weekend and my conclusion is that it just needed to get properly hydrated to pump it's best.  I will, however, order some of the servicing kits (seals, etc.) for the head so I'm ready.

We saw some nice boats on our way out across the bay.

Although the head seemed OK, I wanted to find the access port for the vent if needed in the future, and we eventually found it hidden in a galley cabinet.  We'll try and clean it from the outside, but it's nice to know where to get to it if needed.

Upon returning, we did some cleaning and straightening up before heading over to Nemo's with the Miller's

We then spent the evening lounging in the salon catching up on social media.

After a full night's rest, I awoke to the sounds and bumps from the fishermen heading out at sunrise.  Our mooring is right on the channel and even if people mind the "no wake zone" (they don't), we get sloshed around a bit when the larger boats go out.  Since I was awake, I got up and grabbed a few shots of the sunrise.

Following that I went back to bed until we heard some of the other boaters heading off in their dinghy's for the morning coffee run.

Breakfast this morning was some instant coffee and instant oatmeal (sorry, it was a work weekend).  Before I could do that, I needed to do the pressure test of our LPG system.  Two readings 15 minutes apart with a charged, but shut off line, told me we could safely use the system this season.

The other quick job this morning was to sanitize the water system.  We use bottled water to drink and cook, but tank water for cleaning.  That allows us to slightly increase the bleach dosage and ensure there's nothing growing in the tank - even if left for a few weeks.  When Vicky's here, we go through a whole tank (30 gal) every other weekend.  Once she leaves, a tank will last me a number of weekends.  (but the boat sparkles better when she's here!)

Our final job this weekend was to get the anchor set up.  I AM going to learn (& get comfortable with) anchoring this year.  So I pulled all the rode out of the anchor locker and inserted woven markers we had purchased from West Marine last year.  We went out and were able to successfully anchor for lunch (just beyond the harbor).  I'm still plagued by how to control the three-strand rode (it seems to always want to kink), but I was able to do the basics without too much help from Vicky.

While at anchor, we ate lunch - Mountain House freeze dried Beef Stroganoff (from my prepping activities) and a nice fruit spread that Vicky prepared.  

(Full disclosure... I've completely lost faith in our government's competence over the past few months and decided to lay in some supplies (mostly water, freeze dried food and some other sundry items), just in case of a Katrina or Sandy type of event.  I figure I can use these on the boat from time to time.)

The taste test of the freeze dried stroganoff wasn't too bad.  It was tasty, gave me some energy... not sure I'd call it nutrition, but as a supplement or something to keep on board for those times when we're too dirty to go out to eat and too lazy to cook, it won't be bad.  

After lunch, we motored back, cleaned up and stowed everything and got ready for me to single hand for the next few weeks. (my first mate is heading back to China for a while).

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